Coug’s Clothing Drive

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Don’t forget to stop by our clothing drive after graduation or on your way out of town! Help us help you by bringing your old & unwanted clothes to our clothing drive on campus to help us in our fight to decrease the amount of clothing in landfills & be a part of our Fashion Flashback movement!

After all, Cougs love to help other Cougs! So stop by & donate before you leave for the summer!

Follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for more information on how to get involved and find a donation location near you!


Repurposing your Clothing

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Now a days there are so many unique ways to repurpose anything! Especially your wardrobe. These ideas can not only save you money but help you help America keep clothes out of our landfills.

Here are a few of our favorite sites with great ways to recycle your unwanted clothes!

How To Repurpose Old Clothing:

40 Mindblowing Ways To Repurpose Old Clothing

The Repurposed Wardrobe: 9 Upcycle Projects

Re-Fashion Your Clothes {Day 15}

Fashion is Forever!

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Hey Ladies!

Do you have any of these items in your closet right now? Are any of these your current go to outfits? Unless you have already gone out & purchased one of these items at a popular retailer, you should check out your local thrift store! These outfits were popular in the 90’s & they have recently made a huge comeback!

This goes to prove that fashion never dies & if you donate your clothes now then eventually someone in the future will be able to put it to good use! So donate your clothes instead of throwing them away ladies! After all, someone could be searching for that denim jacket you want to get rid of!

Hello world!


Are your dresser drawers bursting at the seems? Is your closet out of control?  If it is then it might be time to do some spring cleaning! Whether it be clothes that are too small or just gone out of style, whatever you do don’t throw them away! Donate them instead!

Find the nearest Goodwill, Value Village, or donation site & help ComeBack Clothes keep clothing out of landfills. The people here at Washington State University are in support of this cause & will have donation boxes set our around campus for student and community members to donate to. Your support would be greatly appreciated!

Visit our many social pages to find out more about what Fashion Flashback is doing in your community right now!